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Below are the services I offer

My Service Promise to you

You will walk out not only looking, but feeling glamorous!

Price List

  • Full Set - $110
  • Full Set Extra Volume Lashes - $130
  • Infills - $65
  • Infills Extra Volume Lashes - $75
  • Tinting Services:

  • Eyelash Tinting - $15
  • Eyebrow Tinting - $10
  • Eyelash PLUS Eyebrow Tinting - $20
  • Please note no EFTPOS available

Eyelash Extensions

Look beautiful and feel glamorous at all times, effortlessly!


It is very important to get your eyelash extensions done by a professional eyelash extension technician. General beauticians who offer other services often have never had appropriate training and use cheaper glues and substandard techniques which result in long term damage to clients' natural lashes.

I use only silk lashes, not synthetic. Silk lashes are light and don't weigh down your natural lashes - you'll barely notice they are there!

The high-end glue I use is manufactured specifically for use by Eyelash Technicians and is free from toxic chemicals found in cheaper glues.

Eyelash Care

Eyelash extensions are low maintenance but there are some things you can do to make them last longer and get the most out of your extensions.

Please see HERE for important Before and After Care instructions/